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Have you ever been curious about Tantric massage but not had the know-how or guts to explore it in person? Well, now you can learn more...


Liberty Storm, International Tantrika shares her personal journey navigating the Tantric massage world for over a decade. In her 40+ short stories discover Neo Tantric practices, an insider’s view of the profession and what makes a dream client connection.

Also enjoy Liberty’s quirky original print illustrations, which complete “Adventures of Tantra Girl” as the most perfectly-bizarre adult curiosity book.


Liberty is an international Tantric massage therapist with over a decade’s experience. She is passionate about offering nurturing, sensual bodywork and guiding clients to explore their sexual potential through Tantric rituals. Along with extensive training in Tantra, she is a Certified Massage Therapist in Holistic, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology and Ayurvedic bodywork styles. Liberty also holds diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Counseling skills, and weaves these healing arts into her bespoke sessions.


After a repressive Catholic convent education, Liberty rebelled and began to explore her sexual self as an exotic dancer. Later, she taught exotic dance to ladies for fitness and fun.


Since childhood, Liberty has felt a connection with the spiritual dimension of life. But leaving the dogmatic Catholic teachings behind, she sought a spiritual path which embraced sexuality. Naturally she aligned with Neo-Tantra. The Tantric approach fit her sexual flavor —never been a wham-bam sort of girl, and instinctively knowing that erotic, physical connection held more depth. The Tantric practice of creating a connection between the physical body and the spirit, and using full-body massage to expand energy and pleasure, naturally resonated with her.


In Adventures of Tantra Girl, Liberty shares a collection of short stories inspired by her clients and lovers – some lovely, some challenging, some that widened her horizons and others that got a little naughty…


Paperback & e-book



A picture says a thousand words...

A collection of Liberty's artwork which features in Adventures of Tantra Girl



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